I have two reports with Page Header and Footer and I inserted them in a master report in the Report Footer. The Page Header and the Page Footer in those two subreports became Report Header and Footer. (subreports can not have Page Header and Footer). What is the workaround to have something similar with PH and PF in a subreport.
I use this solution to print an invoice in two copies: one is the Original and the other one is the Customer Copy. (so I use two subreports for this). I have only one group for invoice number - and everything is fine when details do not exceed one page because the header and the footer will be printed at the beginning and at the end for each group. The problem appears when I have more then two pages for one invoice because I cannot have the page header on the second, third, etc page and the page footer on the first, second, etc. page.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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