Hi everyone,

I have a subform base on a table I created in the subform's open event. But the subform is open to read-only.
I set the subform's source object to the tblTemp_inspec it still won't edit. The Problem must be in creating the tblTemp_inspec. But I thought the default setting is read/write and I am not sure how to modify the code.

This is my code:
Public Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
str = "Create Table tblTmp_inspec(bag_num integer, quantity integer, inspection_type integer, partial bit, complete bit)"
CurrentProject.Connection.Execute str
'if a condition is true
'calls stored procedure insert a record in tblTmp_inspec
str = "Select tblTmp_inspec.bag_num,...."
Me.RecordSource = str

end sub

I'm using Access2000 and SQL Server BE
The form's lock property is set to 'No'
I just can't understand why is the form is open to read-only.

Thank you for your input.