I have noticed on many bulleting boards that there are a number of solutions for calling Java Programs using the SBMJOB scheduler or other internal command.

What I am looking to do is the reverse, which I have not seen too much info about. I am looking at using a command on the AS400 to execute a stored procedure to create tables on a DB2 database. This Java will be a swing app whereby I can select various parameters to pass onto the stored procedure.

The reason why I am looking this way is that there are a number of stored procs that may take >24 hours to run. Now we can run the stored proc stright from java but if the box that the java app is down, which apparently does happen, then the connection is lost and so forth. Now if we can utilise a method whereby we place the power onto the AS400, then it relieves the reliance of the java connectivity to the AS400. All that we need to do is check for when the job has completed on the AS400. Maybe there is a mechanism to fire the completion back.

Is there anyone who can assist with this problem?

Ged Aitchison.