Hi All,
Yesterday I installed and configured the mysql 5.0 server on Windows NT machine. Had to muck around a bit but all in all it was fairly easy. Now my question is that there are two ways to start a mysql server. One is manually using a command line (which can be configured to install & start each time windows loads up) and other is using the MySQLWinAdmin application that comes along with MySQL. When I installed MySQL first time, I used the MySQLWinAdmin and it prompted me to enter a user name and password, which I entered as "XYZ", "XYZ". (since this was my first installation, I kept it easy). Then I went around to muck with mysql server and client and had some minor probs so i uninstalled and reinstalled the package again. Second time everything went ok, but when I again rebooted my PC the server started with the above mentioned "XYZ" values. My query is, if I start using MySQLWinAdmin, what password and name should I give it first time? Should it be "root" and "your_password" or any random thing? With command line interface, you can specify to start server as root, but with MySQLWinAdmin, is there any other way to change the user values? And if i dont start the server as "root", will I face any problems? I would appreciate all of your suggestions on these.

Thanks for your time and efforts in advance.