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    Unanswered: create sybase database using dbartisan

    Hi all
    I have currently installed the dbartisan software for managing databases.
    I am new to it.I want to create sybase database using dbartisan

    I have been able to register a datasource on it.
    Now inorder to create a database on it.I followed the database device wizard.
    Here you have to specify the logical database device file and physical database device file.
    As given in the help I have mentioned the physical database device file to
    and logical database device file as TEST.
    and when I execute further,it gives errors as "disk size must be greater than 2048 device pages(4MB).

    I am new to this s/w .Plz guide me.

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    What is the size of the device you specified? Looks like there is no enough disk space on your machine.


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