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    Unanswered: Problem in droping a table

    I have created a table "incomminletters" in database "dispatch" schema-"public" and have inserted three records also.
    Now when i m trying to delete any entry from this table then postgres do not show any error but it also does not delete the entry it siply go to stand by and so i have to cancel the query by pressing 'controll c'.
    There are other tables also with this one which are working properly.
    this is the code to ceate and drop which i m running form screapt.

    drop table incommingletters;
    create table incommingletters ( srno integer not null,
    date date,
    source varchar(600),
    rollno varchar(600),
    reciever varchar(200),
    subject varchar(2000),
    type varchar(50),
    deleted char(1),
    primary key(date,source,rollno,reciever,subject,type,delet ed));

    can anybody give me any idea?

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    I don't know why you can't delete records but I don't understand why you put a primary key like this "primarykey(date,source,rollno,reciever,subject,ty pe,delet ed)"
    do you realy want to have such a primary key, I think you don't need some primary key...

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