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    Unanswered: Open Clinet Library (ct_lib) ct_callback () function

    Hi All,
    In ct_lib implementation when you set the ct_callback function for message handling. It gives you informational message as well as error messages. It prints the error messages on screen. We want to print the the messages only when there is a error. We don't want to print the informational messages. The implementation of these are as per manual.

    I have also enclosed code snippet in text file.

    Is there any way to do that?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Open Clinet Library (ct_lib) ct_callback () function

    Resolved the same problem as follows:

    Server message handler guard the messages:
    if ( srvmsg->msgnumber == 5701 || srvmsg->msgnumber == 5703 || srvmsg->msgnumber == 5704 || srvmsg->severity == CS_SV_INFORM )

    Client message handler did the following changes:
    if ( CS_SEVERITY(errmsg->msgnumber) == CS_SV_INFORM )


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