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    Unanswered: MSDE Uninstall corrupts SQL7

    I have installed an application that uses MSDE on a server running Windows 2000 with SQL 7 already installed; my application, MSDE and SQL7 all continue to function properly after install.

    The problems start when I uninstall MSDE ; the uninstall of MSDE seems to corrupt the SQL 7 installation. After using Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs to uninstall MSDE I get an error message box with heading SQL DMO and error message Error 340 - General Error. I can no longer see the SQL Server registration and cannot reregister the server either!

    My quesiton is this? Is there a process of uninstalling MSDE that will leave the SQL 7 installation in the same state as it was prior to installing MSDE? Obviously, the uninstall of MSDE seems to corrupt the SQL 7 installation - how can I ensure that this does not hapen? Does the uninstall of MSDE remove or reregister COM objects that are required by SQL 7 and if so how can we get around this?

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    Take help from this KBA;en-us;320873 to uninstall.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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