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    Unanswered: Totals: Combining multiple records

    for a specific file number, there are multiple ppl names associated with it.


    001 Jonny Godfather
    001 Mammy Moser
    001 Tammy Hilfiger

    Using the aggregate expressions, how would i in a query, display

    001 Jonny Godfather|Mammy Moser|Tammy Hilfiger

    Sum doesn't work..(only for numbers)..and i dont wanna write a function in VB
    Do you have to?

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    look into cross tab reports
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    erm, been trying to meddle in that, no suceess;

    two fields is all i have

    FileNumber, and IndividualName
    with fileNumber having more than one invidual name per number.

    I just want to display two fields in the resultant query:
    FileNumber and InventorCombination

    001 in the first field and in the second field, "Inventor 1 | Inventor 2 | Inventor 3...."
    the crosstab requires three min, column header, row and value...

    could you show me how? thankx.

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