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Thread: border trouble

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    Unanswered: border trouble

    so my title sounds like a Xena episode.....

    anyway I have a macro all up and running and it does all kinds of wonderful things thanks to the help of many people but I have a minor problem that is more like an irritation for me than anything.

    In my spreadsheet I have borders around a bunch of cells

    in the code I use

    Range( la la la).delete(xltoleft)

    (la la la used to represent whatever range my code sticks in there)

    only when I do this it doesn't remove the borders like the delete command does when I right click on a range and delete. This really isnt a big deal but I wana fix it. Any help would be nice.

    By the way I only wana delete the vertial borders because if I deleted the horizontal and bottom border.

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    I gave this a try and didn't see the problem. What may be happening with the Shift:=xlToLeft command, is the cells from the Right are moving over to fill the deleted range. If these cells have the same formatting as those deleted it will give the appearance of the format not being deleted. Border in this case.

    If you want to delete the contents and formatting try this.



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