I am developing a program that interfaces with an access db. I have a table (ppr) that has 3 fields, all of type long integer. I have three integer variables in my VB code, that are all of type integer, and the table is not (at this time) related to any other tables in my db. Here is the VB code that should create an insertion into that table. All variables have valid data in them.

sb.Append("insert into ppr ")
sb.Append(", ")
sb.Append(", ")
Dim myCommand As New OleDbCommand(sb.ToString(), connection)

Catch f As OleDbException
'code in exception handler deleted for space

When I try to run the executeNonQuery(), I get an insert into error

Index #0
Message: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.
NativeError: -526192046
Source: Microsoft JET Database Engine
SQLState: 3000

These statements are generated into the application event log from the exception handler.

Am I missing something patently obvious?