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    Unanswered: Disable button on custom menu bar

    What is an effective way to disable a button I have on a custom menu bar. I have replaced the toolbars/menu bars and would like to limit when my custom menu buttons can be used. Thanks for any help.

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    1. You need to reference the Microsoft Office library because toolbars are part of the Office library.
    3. Here is an example of enabling or disabling toolbar buttons:

    '~ Called by forms and reports
    Public Function fnEnablePrintControl(ByVal bolLEnabled As Boolean)

    Dim objCmdBar As CommandBar, objCBControl As CommandBarControl, objSubCBControl As CommandBarControl
    Dim objCBControls As CommandBarControls, objCmdBars As CommandBars

    If Application.CommandBars(pStrApplName).Visible = True Then
    Set objCmdBar = Application.CommandBars(pStrApplName)
    End If


    If bolLEnabled = True Then

    objCmdBar.Controls("&Database").Controls("C&ascade forms").Enabled = False
    objCmdBar.Controls("&Accounting").Enabled = False
    objCmdBar.Controls("&Print").Enabled = True


    objCmdBar.Controls("&Database").Controls("C&ascade forms").Enabled = True
    objCmdBar.Controls("&Accounting").Enabled = True
    objCmdBar.Controls("&Print").Enabled = False

    End If

    End Function

    P.S: There are variable declarations that do not belong to this procedure. Remove them as you will.

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    Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.

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