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    Unanswered: calculations in a query: by column not row

    Okay I am basically teaching myself MSAccess and have run into somewhat of a problem.

    I can do calculations by rows in a Query.. but what i want to find out if i can have it calculate totals by column.

    I have 4 columns. Date, Name, Copies, Cost
    I want to have a total of the Copies and Cost columns show at the bottom of the query.

    Is this possible?

    Please advise

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    You can't have the query show a total at the end of a column. You can either have a query that totals the column or have a report that totals the column. To have a query total the column you need to Group your columns. There is a summation sign (big 'E') in the query editor. If you click on that you can group by your columns and sum columns. To find the total copies and Cost you will probably want to use Sum.

    For a report, use you current query as the source for the report, then use the Report Footer to sum the Cost and Copies.

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    How do I use SUM in a report footer?

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