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    Unanswered: locktimeout error with insert and delete sqls

    I am using DB2 UDBV7.2.5, AIX 5.X

    I delete and reinsert a record to a table in connection 1, then I want to delete another record in that table in connection 2. After issuing delete sql in connection 2, i get locktimeout error.

    in the time between delete sql in connection 2 and locktimeout, i get snapshot for locks and found the following locks in the table:

    connection 1:
    X on row
    IX on table
    X on key value
    S on key value

    connection 2:
    IX on table

    I wonder if X and S on key value cause the locktimeout error, but I don't know what is key value.

    Can anyone help me?
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    Yes, X and S locks are not compatible. Check out the following to see lock compatibility chart:
    and search for "Lock type compatibility".


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