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    Angry Unanswered: 2 Columns in 1 Combobox

    Is there a Easy way

    column count =2

    it shows the two columns in the drop down. but once i select it it only shows the first column in the box. Whats the story Morning Glory?

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    Only 1 column (the bound column) can be shown, once it has been selected.

    If you want to show the 2nd value as well you will need to create a 2nd text box and put the value in that one, using the afterupdate event of the combobox.

    In the afterupdate of the combobox put something like:

    Me.OtherTextboxName = me.comboboxName.column(1)

    Note: Comboboxes are 0 based, meaning 0 is the first column. 1 is the second column.

    Greetz & GL

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    thanks. for you reply also...
    how can i have the result showed in the 2nd Combobox without having to use the little down arrow to select it. as there will be only one result. after selecting the First Combobox critera. example if i change my selection in the first combobox i want the result to display in the window of the second combobox without having to use the down arrow to change it >? thanks

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    Another way for your first question, you can try this on the click event in the combo :
    Combo.Value = Combo.Column(0, Combo.ListIndex) _
    & " " & Combo.Column(1, Combo.ListIndex)
    Or in the same event you can select the row of your second combo.

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