I setup replication having configuration, one MASTER [MySQL 4.0.21] and one SLAVE [MySQL 4.0.21]. I follow the steps given in MySQL Replication HowTO [http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/Re...on_HOWTO.html]. Replication successfully setup. But I have confusion regarding Relay_Log_Pos variable on slave.

During configuration (of replication), before executing query “START SLAVE”, I executed query (Replacing the option values with the actual values relevant to my system)

slave-mysql> CHANGE MASTER TO
-> MASTER_HOST='master_host_name',
-> MASTER_USER='replication_user_name',
-> MASTER_PASSWORD='replication_password',
-> MASTER_LOG_FILE='recorded_log_file_name',
-> MASTER_LOG_POS=recorded_log_position;

Then I execute,


Then slave start replication thread and query “SHOW SLAVE STATUS” shows the position correctly and start reading binary log after that position from master.

Confusion is: If I restart mysql service (on slave), it starts slave thread again and starts reading binary log. But when I execute query “SHOW SLAVE STATUS” it shows slave binary log position from the beginning, specifically the column “Relay_Log_Pos” value. My confusion is why this variable value not equals to the last position (before I stop mysql), why restarted. Please help in this regard.

Thank You

Azhar H.