I have created a database to track applicants’ eligibility process. Mainly, a Head of Household will call or apply in person for a medical assistance for self or for child #1, child #2 etc. I created two tables tblHeadHouseHold and tblApplicants with a (one-to-many relationships) and, a main form (frmHeadHouseHold) and a subfrom (sfrmApplicants). So far, the database works fine and just recently, I was approached first, to make this database available online, so that applicants can go to a given center (clinic) to fill in the application, and we then pull the application from the office. Second, to add a new field (source of Application) where applicants learn about our program (Friend, School, Doctor, Advertisement, other) to create a ‘Source Report’, how many from friend, how many from school, from Advertisement etc.
I’m using access 2003 and would like to know:
1. What I need to make the existing db available online
2. Given the type of report I need to generate for ‘Source of
Application’ shall I use check box, drop downs, or a lookup table?

Thank you in advance,