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    Unanswered: You do not have a license for this Activex Control

    I receive the above error message when attempting to place a Common Dialog (Ver 6.0) control on a blank form. I have unregistered/reregistered the control (comdlg32.ocx) repeatedly to no effect. Any ideas??

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    Do you think you should be able to use this control? Have you used it before? Many of the controls listed are there because third party software needs and uses them. However you do not have the right to reuse those controls because you have not paid for the licence nor is it likely that the author will grant you a licence. Most of the Microsoft ActiveX controls are free-to-air so to speak and you are able to use them, some even come with built in help!

    Remember the collection of ActiveX controls that is displayed is system-wide, not just those for the Access environment.

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    You do not have a licence ...

    I've come across thismessage once or twice before, and haven't bothered using the particular control.

    I must say I would not pay any licence fee to the author, or use any of their software if I could help it. Putting a piece of software on my machine and telling me I can't use it is a bit like someone delivering a book to my door and saying I can't read it until I pay for it!

    If the Active X controls belong to other applications it's a bit odd that Access picks them up as if you can use them, but I know this wasn't the case with the ones I came across: in fact I deleted several just to test the theory. In retrospect I wish I had found the email addresses of the vendors and demanded they come and remove them from my system.

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    active x components might come with other softwares you installed your computer. and Access will see them. there is no good way for Access to know if you paid for them or not. Those active x control might be doing one of your softwares work correctly. if you remove them you might lose some functionality on that particular software or even software wouldn't work at all. Maybe developer of this particular software paid for these active x and they can use it in their software. but it doesn't mean you can use it in your software.

    Anyway I believe comdlg32.ocx is part of VB Developing package runtime library. so you wouldn't really need to pay for it. I found 2 articles about your problem in microsoft site. you might want to check them.
    good luck.;EN-US;172859

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