Orinda Software is proud to announce that the latest release of OrindaBuild now runs as a Plugin for Eclipse 3.0.

OrindaBuild is a utility that automatically writes Java code to access tables, stored procedures, packages, functions and sequences in Oracle databases. OrindaBuild also takes files containing SQL statements and generates matching Java source files to run them. By automating the time consuming task of writing access code it dramatically improves productivity. OrindaBuild also helps to reduce the time taken for Java code to catch up with database design changes. OrindaBuild uses Oracle’s own data dictionary to determine exactly what source code needs to be written. It has been designed to create a large amount of useful code with minimal user interaction. It is also Oracle focused, which allows users to use 100% of Oracle’s capabilities. OrindaBuild does not require SQLJ or schema changes in order to work. OrindaBuild can write JDBC calls for arbitrarily complicated stored procedures, even if they take records or arrays as parameters.

The OrindaBuild Plugin for Eclipse 3.0 adds OrindaBuild configuration files to the list of file types recognized by Eclipse. The OrindaBuild GUI is used to edit such configuration files and uses them to generate Java source files to access Oracle. Generated files are added to the Eclipse project as they are created.

A demo version of OrindaBuild can be downloaded here:

The OrindaBuild White Paper can be downloaded here:

The manual for the Eclipse Plugin can be found here:

Examples of generated code can be found here:

David Rolfe
Orinda Software, Dublin, Ireland