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    Unanswered: Encrypt Data Issue

    Does SQL Server 2000 provide any data encryption/decryption functionality so that certain fields (e.g. SSN, Age and Salary) will be encrypted before writing into the table and decrypted once loading out of the table?


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    Look up encryption in Books Online

    Quote Originally Posted by BOL
    Using Encryption Methods
    Encryption is a method for keeping sensitive information confidential by changing data into an unreadable form. Encryption ensures that data remains secure by keeping the information hidden from everyone, even if the encrypted data is viewed directly. Decryption is the process of changing encrypted data back into its original form so it can be viewed by authorized users.

    Microsoft® SQL Server™ encrypts or can encrypt:

    Login and application role passwords stored in SQL Server.

    Any data sent between the client and the server as network packets.

    Stored procedure definitions.

    User-defined function definitions.

    View definitions.

    Trigger definitions.

    Default definitions.

    Rule definitions.

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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