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    Unanswered: How to set online backup under Informix


    I am using Informix Server 9.2. I want to know, can we establish/set online backup procedure on another server or not (Like mirroring of two server).

    For Example ..

    We have two servers and every day after completion of work we export
    database from first server and again import on another server, this process
    is very complicated because every day we have to delete the database from backup server before import. Mean while it is not online.

    So is there is any possibility to set online backup procedure So if any creation/addition takes place on first server then same time it should automatic update second (backup/replication server) server.

    If there is any possibility either under Informix environment or by using some other softwares, please give me your valuable suggestion.


    Arvind Kumar

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    Sounds like you would want to investigate Infromix's replication ability - when you update one database, Informix will send the update to another database on another server. I don't have any working knowledge beyond reading about it in the Admin Guide.

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    You can restore the ontape backup from one server on to another.
    Disk layout and some of the parameters in the $ONCONFIG files have to be the same. If this is something that you want to do, post the reply and I'll go more in depth on what is involved.

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