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    Unanswered: How to pass Informix database name as parameter in 4JS programmes


    I am facing some problems with 4JS programmes. I am working on a project, for that I have used 4JS as front-end and Informix 9.2 as back-end. Currently in my project the name of database is hard-code with DATABASE statement in all 4JS programme i.e.

    DATABASE bank

    In this situation if I am changing the database name then I have to modify all the programmes accordingly .

    I am not very expertise in 4JS, So please suggest me how I can pass the database name as parameter or by setting some environment variables like

    C:\>SET DATABASE=bank

    or any other method so my programmes become flexible to use the database of different names.

    Please give me your valuable suggestion.

    Thanks and Regards
    Arvind Kumar

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    Post 4J' s

    Hi, Joe, my name is Rodney Cruz I'm from Ecuador southamerica, but
    right now I' m living in Miami, Flo., I have an Integrated System with over
    400 programs and 1200 forms and graphics developed in 4J's, oriented to
    Accounting Module and Billing and Part' s Moduless.
    This is the tech info.

    Ver. Products 4J's & Informix
    Version 4J' s 3.10
    Version WTK 2.01
    Version Informix DB 7.31
    Version 4GL 7.30 UD7

    The software is allready compiled in 4GL and 4J' s.

    I'm interesting in a partnertship with another developer. I have almost
    4 weeks in Miami. I talk spanish.

    Anl. Rodney Cruz

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    I haven't used the 4J products yet, but with our RDS system, we simply pass arguments to the program, and capture them within the program be reading the arg_val() set.

    For example,entering at our UNIX command line (for an RDS program);

    fglgo my_program bank

    within our program we define a variable;

    let db = arg_val(1)

    then run within the program a statement as such;

    database db

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