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    Unanswered: oracle table retrieval speed

    I have convert Ms access database to oracle database and still using ms access as dev tool. but i could not get the same speed like MS access thru network. for example the simplest retrival is open a linked table of 200000 records, the time consumed to show all records from oracle table in client terminal is 3 times than it takes by ms access table thru network
    is there any way to take the same response time or better
    thanks in advance

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    >is there any way to take the same response time or better
    Yes. In the initSID.ora file set the following parameter

    Of course this is DB & OS version dependent , which you neglected to specify.

    What is the table description?
    What is the actual SQL used as comparision?
    Are there any indexes on the table?
    Are statistics current for the table?
    What is the speed comparision if you used SQL*Plus instead of ACCESS?

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    thanks for ur fast reply,

    sorry 4 being not very specific

    i'm using oracle 9i on windows 2003 server

    ur other questions i'm still not familiar with
    if u can just help me give u more details

    and if there anyone who is working with access-oracle I appreciate his help

    thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by anacedent
    >Yes. In the initSID.ora file set the following parameter
    Oh I think I have been missing this from my own Oracle installation - makes sense

    Anywho -

    1) Table description = Columns, datatypes (ie number, varchar2..etc) of tables used in the queries

    2) Post your code - we can't guess why your code isnt working if no code is provided.

    3) Indexes can be placed on the tables to speed retrieval - are they any?

    4) Run explain plan...etc to find out where your time is being spent.

    5) Run your query through SQL*PLUS - Oracle's front end. Compare that to running the query through Access - is there any time difference?
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