CodeFutures Targets Senior Java Developers with Architect Edition of its FireStorm/DAO Code Generation Tool

CodeFutures has launched an Architect Edition of its popular FireStorm/DAO Java code generation tool. FireStorm/DAO makes Java software developers more productive by automatically generating Java source code for accessing relational databases. The benefits provided by CodeFutures' code generation approach are higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs. The Architect Edition allows new custom code generation templates to be developed and integrated with the FireStorm/DAO Studio environment. According to Andy Grove, CodeFutures CTO, "The key issue is control over how the Java source code is generated. Every project has its own specific requirements."

Customers such as Kobus Steenekamp, Senior Java Developer at Discovery Health agrees: "FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition gives us full control and ownership over the code that is much preferred over other more proprietary products. In our experience, most other DB mapping tools and products provide great productivity over the short term, but over the long term, the inability to control the generated JDBC introduces bugs that are very difficult to fix and maintain. Unnecessary workarounds are then used which contaminate our system's architecture. FireStorm/DAO will definitely stay part of our tool set within the foreseeable future"

Andy Grove explains "The code generation templates are written in standard Java so there is no need to learn a proprietary code generation template language as with other solutions. This is very important because there is no learning curve, like for example, Unified Modeling Language - UML."

The Java code generated by FireStorm/DAO can be customized in many ways, including:

Optimize performance based on specific project requirements
Integrate more closely with existing development procedures and build environments, such as internal coding standards
Add environment-specific extra custom features such as caching, security, auditing, and clustering
There is no limit on the number of custom DAO design templates that can be developed - possibly using different templates for different parts of the same application.

"FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition allows us complete control over the generated code mitigating any risks of changes in our application or the product. We were able to build upon the generated persistence layer and generate much of our client and business layer code. In some cases, we were able to generate up to 75% of the code leaving only business logic to program." says Matt Pearce, Technology Consultant, Ajilon Consulting

Additional information on how Ajilon Consulting is using FireStorm/DAO Architect edition is available in a separate press release here:

Additional information on FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition is available here:

A product tutorial with screenshots is available here:

FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition is available for free evaluation from:

The FireStorm/DAO product range is priced from $195 per developer. FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition is priced at $3,495 per developer. There are no runtime deployment licensing fees.

About CodeFutures™

CodeFutures is the leading supplier of Java software development products for advanced code generation. CodeFutures' products are used by corporate Java software programmers in sectors such as television (BBC Technology, Turner Broadcasting), finance (Lehman Brothers, BACS), military systems (BAE, Lockheed Martin), government (Missouri Lottery, Port of Barcelona), IT consulting (Siemens Business Systems, LogicaCMG, BearingPoint), retail (MetCash, Ahold USA), high technology (EMC, Macromedia), and industry (Suzuki, AREVA).