Dear Friends,

I'm getting the following problem while trying to connect my Publisher to the Subscriber in a transactional replication:
"Connecting to Subscriber 'xxxxx'".

I'd set up the things like this:

- Publisher: SQL 7.00.1094, 4 processors, 3071MB memory (SQL using 2053MB);
- Distributor: Same machine above;
- Subscriber: SQL 2000 (8.00.818), 2 processors, 3711MB memory (SQL using 2048MB);
- All services (both machines) are started using the same user (a network account);
- The Subscriber is registered at the Publisher;
- The replication agent logs into the Subscriber using the SA (subscriber's one right ?) account;
- The replication is a transactional one, just one little table...

The problem is that it tries to connect a lot of times and then give me a timeout message...
What can I do to circumvent this ?

Thanks in advance and sorry about my poor english,