Dear friends

Sub : SQL Server Does not exit or access denied at the time of registration from one to another running database server via ISDN dial up.

I am using sql server 2000 with service pack 3a

I have install same copy for database server at two windows 2000 server box with SP4.

I have been connected both server on LAN and replicate our required data from one to another. It's working fine.

In actual implementation both server would be connected via ISDN Dialup

Total distance between two server is maximum 40 KM.

I apply same method like lan on ISDN Dial up.

1. Given all permission equvallent to administrator to new user
2. Login by new user
3. Install database server at both end.
4. Dial by one place to another.
5. Ping each other by ip address.
6. By dialup place , I can ping new static IP address given by dial.
7. Dial in place I can ping both IP address newok card as well as new dialip IP
8. Search IP address brows it an copy file from one to another
Then I go for registraion of sql server-
9. Try to registerd second server from dialing place or other-

Got error - 'Specify Sql server not found, Connection Open Connected()'

10. I try to user client network utility again get error as under-

Add 2nd server by client network utility at the another

Try to connect at got error-
Unable to connect to server test
Server msg 17 level 16 srare 1
ODBC Sql server driver [TCP/IP Socket] sql server doesn't exit

I didn't understand why I getting error in registraion of one server to another, while both can be registered to each other in LAN environment.

Let me help , I am trying to that for last 4day and night but not yet got any conclussion

Thank in advance for all of you