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    Unanswered: Type -4 JDBC Driver for DB2 V7 on Mainframe

    Hi All,
    Has anyone tried connecting to a DB2 V7 on Mainframe using a Type -4 Java JDBC driver (With Universal driver that comes along with DB2 V8 or anyother commercial driver in market).

    First of all Is this possible to achieve Type -4 Connectivity in DB2 V7? If yes what coluld be the possible disadvantages here.

    To make it possible,Do we need to do any configurations on the mainframe side?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Yes, we did. It works but we needed a lot of maintenance on DB2 for zOS. It's used for our WebApplication Servers (WAS). And you have to configue the USS part very well, using RRSattachment. So it's a lot fun.

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