Hi everyone,

I have spent several hours on this topic, and I still don't have the right solution.

However, you guys can accomplish in 5 minutes much more then I can accomplish in 5 hours. :-)

OK here is my issue,

The structure of my DB is like this, main table with several sub
tables. Each record on each table can have only one image. However, each image can be one or multiple pages. (It can reach more then 40 pages per record)

All of the images are black and white. I don't need any special
features when viewing/Printing it.

Each record of the 10 tables has only one field called
"Image" that I would like to use for the link to the image.

I have a report that prints all data inputted into the main tables, and form the sub tables.

I also would like to include into this report (or send as a separate report, which ever will be easer to setup) a copy
all of related images.
At that point, I would like to add a footnote at the bottom of each image.

The footnote should be my company's name

The way I was thinking to prepare the images report. Is like this, create a query that collects all links to the appropriate images, add them to an image control, and add the annotation at the bottom of the report.
(This way I'm not modifying the scanned images)

NOW, if there is a way to scan all 40 pages at once and have the
computer take all 10 image files and export it to one big file, and add the annotation at the bottom. That will be excellent.

(This might be done without using any MsAcess utilities)

If that's not possible and I have to scan each page separately, what is the correct way to store the link to the images?

If possible I would also like to use one automation feature, that
will automatically name the scanned images (while scanning it) based
on a combination of some fields on the main record/table.
This can be very useful. However, this is only a plus, and can be discussed latter.
Im thanking all of you in advanced