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    Unanswered: SQL Procedure File error

    Need help to figure this one out. My developers have written scripts to create these new procedures for our DB2 database. When running the scripts, they are getting the following output error...

    "During SQL processing it returned:
    SQL0970N The system attempted to write to a read-only file."

    In the diag log we see this error at the same time...

    OSS error installing SQL procedure files: ffff f616
    2004-09-26- Instance:db2inst1 Node:000
    PID:79020(db2agent (IPS_DB)) Appid:*LOCAL.db2inst1.040926170943
    PSM - SQL Procedure psm_prep_and_compile Probe:290 Database:IPS_DB

    SQL procedure file: 2f66 696c 6573 2f64 6232 2f64 6232 696e /files/db2/db2inst1/sqllib/function/routine/sqlproc/IPS_DB/IPSDBO/P1456180"

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    The db2 internally compile and bind the SQL procedure into a package and it
    uses /files/db2/db2inst1/sqllib/function/routine/sqlproc/<database_name>/<schema_name> under that you will also see a tmp directory and a file sr_path.
    DB2 need to access that directory, I think the fence user. you should check the privilige, either grant it directly or put the fence user under the group owner of that directory. Check the security issue.

    regards & thanks


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