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    Unanswered: Freezed remote restore


    I would like to resolve my problem whith "remote restore".
    I wonder if anyone has any successful experience with a similar task.

    The theme is as follow:

    - We have an IDS 9.4UC3 on Linux RedHat8 (hostLinux)
    - We are trying to implement remote backup/restore on disk, by "ontape" command and "openssh".

    - For such aim, we have defined these parameters:


    - We made backups successfuly. But we cannot restore remotely from the backuped files generated previously.

    - In order to discard a badly formed backup file, we copied by scp to the hostlinux, adapted the tape and REMOTECMD parameters as a local backup/restore implementation, and restored normaly without any problems.

    - So we argue that the problem is in the combination of "ontape" with openssh.

    - Also, we simulated a "ssh user:hostbackup dd ib=xxx ob=xxx " (internal execution of remote restore ) from line command. Then compared the outed file (on local machine), with the first on the backup machine. They were identicals

    The bad behavior is:
    - when starts "ontape -r ", asks for a password, shows the contained dbspaces in then bakcup file (all oks), and then
    freeze the messages, dosen't asking about the rest (Continue...?, Logs...? etc,)

    - We supposed, ontape was waiting for another password. So, we complemented the ssh with the use of ssh-agent, then no more password was required to the user durin ontape execution.

    Unfortunately, the problem persists.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Matha,

    Please check following:

    Local server, in $INFORMIXDIR must be exist file ".rhosts".
    Into this file, must be IP or name of remote server.

    Remote server, in $INFORMIXDIR must be exist file ".rhosts".
    Into this file, must be IP or name of local server.
    The service rlogin must be activate. (as root run setup).
    Next test with command "rsh ls remote host name"

    Then in ONCONFIG file TAPEDEV="remote server":/dev/xxxxx


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