I am looking for anhone who might be extremely knowledgable on how to do late binding and defining of the object on a form. Here is a little background for what I want to be able to do.

Right side of the form a tree view. Starting at the root and working down.

When a measurement is clicked on the right side the information is displayed as a line chart with the following:
- a trend line (the trend line will be defined by a value with in the subtask class)
- Data points set with blue background, black foreground and square
- No legend

When either a subtask or Task is clicked the Graph will be displayed as a radary graph
- needs a legend

I want to be able to use the same MS Chart object on my form.

I am using classes to store the information for each item, contract, task, subtask etc. So binding the Graph object to a table is not something I want to try and implement.

or even better if anyone knows where I can get information about the object class and methods that would be great.