I am currently doing an oracle data mirgration on a current system into a Sql server 2000 database. The procedure is as follows;

1)Extract the data into csv formatted files, this is fine as I am using the following:
set echo off
set pagesize 0
set linesize 200
set newpage 0
set verify Off
set feedback Off
set trimspool on
clear columns
clear breaks
clear computes

spool c:\mirgration\stations.csv

SELECT productcode || ',' as Station_name,
productinfoa || ','as Commitee, productinfob as Train_operating_company
FROM product_x;

Spool off

spool c:\mirgration\actions.csv

select action_type_id||','|| Future_Description ||','||past_description||','||delay
from action_type

Spool off

Is this the best way to do CSV files? Does this sound right?

2)Load the csv files into Temporary tables within the new SQL server databasae using the Import feature...

What does this mean and how do I do this? Do I create tables exactly like the above files

3) run stored procedures against temporary tables to populate the relevant tables of the new database structure.---how do I do this also???

Thanks all for your help!