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    Unanswered: ISDN Dialup setup for SQL SERVER 2000 Replication

    I am using two windows 2000(SP4) server box for Sql server 2000(SP3a) replication wit following methods-

    1. ISDN Dialup line with NT1 terminator at both end.
    2. Create Dialup from one computer.
    3. Create RAS with static IP Address at second computer (Dial in) for acceptance of dialing.
    4. Dialing from one place to another computer and get connection by dialup.
    5. I can ping only Remote IP (RAS STATIC) Address at both end.

    Try to registered SQL Server 2000 from dial place or dial in place got following errors-
    Specify Sql server not found, Connection Open Connected()

    What I am missing in setup of windows or Sql server 2000 or any hard component, let me help. Is the any need of physical router.

    Thanking You


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    Did either of my first suggestions help?


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