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    Unanswered: Log file growing in amazing manner

    I started my database in last week to user with transfer data from Sybase to sql 2000 server. Intitally log file size was few MB near to 20 MB for each cos, within 8 days it has reached upto 300 MB still datafile size in few MB , approximately 40MB for each cos, why log file growing in such manger, how I can manage it?

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    Are you performing any database maintenance?

    How did you "transfer" the data from sybase?

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    You need to control the transaction size in your load. Doesn't matter what tool you use (unless you have a linked server and doing INSERT...SELECT FROM) you can specify the number of rows to be viewed as 1 transaction. This option is available in DTS, BCP, and BULK INSERT utilities (DTS uses a combination of those)
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