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    Unanswered: Import into Access

    Hi All,
    I have got a export file (.dmp) file from Oracle 9.2 database . I need to import this file into a Access 97 database. I am new to MS Access .Can anyone tell me how this could be achieved.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Sounds like it could be a text file. Do you know if it is a delimited file (commas or some other delimiter between fields) or a fixed width file (each field is a specific number of characters). You can use File/Get External Data/Link Tables to get the wizard going. Once that has started and you pick the file Access will try to determine the layout. If it can't then you will need to go to the Advanced button. There you can tell it all the details about the file. Which field is first, second, thrid etc. Then if you need to link to other files at a later date, then save the 'description' of the file as a file specification and you can reuse it without having to type in all the information again.

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    If you have no better suggestions, I can suggest a roundabout way. I suggest that you download and install a free copy of Oracle onto your PC temporarily, then import to that.

    Then set up an ODBC connection to the Oracle database from your ACCESS project. You can then see the Oracle table structures and data within ACCESS.

    If you want to then dump the data to ACCESS tables, you can now manually make copies of the ORACLE table structures -- comparing the new table side-by-side with the original to ensure they are correct. Then copy the data from Oracle table to ACCESS table and finally, delete the Oracle table ODBC-links so they are no longer visible.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer. I know this works, because I've done it.

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