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    Question Unanswered: TransferSpreadsheet to Dynamic Excel filename

    I have an Access 2000 database that I export several tables monthly to Excel spreadsheets using the TransferSpreadsheet in a macro. Each month after I export the tables to Excel, I then go to Windows Explorer and rename the files to add a suffix of MMYY (ie: 0904) to the names. Is there anyway to automate this when I export the tables.

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    You can make this
    FileName = "Table" & Format(Now,"mm/yy")
    Docmd.TransferSpreadSheet acExport,8, "TbleAccess", Filename, etc...

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    Adding Query Result to File Name

    Thank you for posting that answer. In addition to including the date in a filename, is there a way to include an sql query in the parameters for the file name?

    For example:
    ="C:\Folder\" & Format((select max([orderdate]) from SalesTable),"mm-dd-yyyy")&".xls"

    BTW, this didn't work.

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    You may find this example:


    All you do is save any of your queries with a prefix of "Export" (or change the criteria), and it let's the user view/export the query as the query name (including adding the date format), and the type of export (dbf, xls, csv). The view opens up in a form view so you code events around the form. It uses the same docmd.transferspreadsheet command and some simple tricks.

    Otherwise you need to create a variable and include the name of the query in your variable similar to jepi's example.
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