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    Question Unanswered: Control Source Issue

    Currently I have a table that provides a list of members with associations. Members can belong to many associations or none.


    auto# Member# association#
    1 258 2
    2 258 5
    3 259 1
    4 262 2

    (this example shows that members 260 and 261 do not belong to any association therefor a no assoicatoin name would be listed.) There is a table with the association names/abbreviations with their number.

    I am creating name tags in Reports. I can get the associations listed with each member but only as (example):


    What I need is:

    NCA, NCIS, NACES (with it left blank for null fields.)

    I need to write a script in the control source (or in a query) to do this.

    I hope this makes sense. Help is appreciated.
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