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    Unanswered: Existing Crystal Report fails to pickup database column change (nvarchar to ntext)

    Hi, I'm having a Crystal issue following a change to a database table...

    Here's the problem:

    A SQL Server 2000 nvarchar(200) column was altered to be a ntext column using "alter table tbl alter column col collate coll null". An existing Crystal Report uses this field and continues to run happily with the result that text data greater than 200 chars is truncated.

    Running the Database-->Verify Database function picks up the database change and presents the Map Fields dialog but the modified column is not listed under the database table name and cannot be remapped to the appropriate report field. Unticking the Match Type box doesn't help. I've tried updating the datasource to no avail.

    By way of experiment, I created a dummy table with a nvarchar(200) column and inserted a text snippet 484 characters long (with ansi warnings off, the text was inserted and truncated after the 200th character). I also created a new Crystal Report with a single field mapped to the nvarchar column. This report runs and outputs the text snippet I entered (truncated).

    I then ran a script to alter the column so it holds ntext data, and I inserted the same text snippet, which inserts without problem. Back in Crystal with the same report as before, I updated the data source location after refreshing the data source tree. I finally ran the Verify Database function, which picked up the database change and remapped the field automatically. This dummy report now runs correctly, displaying the full text snippet.

    As described above, doing the same thing with my existing report doesn’t work! Any ideas why not when my experiment works fine? I can also create a new report and point to the existing table and the data returns correctly.

    I should point out I'm running both reports through the Crystal design tool but will ultimately be pumping Excel and PDF docs through ASP.NET.

    I'm totally new to Crystal so please go easy.


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