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    Unanswered: Fast record retrieval on large databases

    Hello everybody

    I`ve built a custom application for our company. It`s uses Visual Basic 6 as a front end and MySQL as the DBMS. ADO is being used to access the database. In order to browse the records or add a new record in the table I`ve been using the ADODB.Recordset object.
    Unfortunately when the database (records of a table) becomes large it gets quite sluggish because the Recordset object is being populated with all the records of a table.
    Is there a better way? I know I could execute an Insert statement but I also need a Recordset like object because on the same form a user can browse through the records if he/she wishes.

    thx, in advance

    George Papadopoulos

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    The way we communicate through MySQL is the reason why the speed is so sluggish. We use ADO to communicate with MySQL dbs, in order to communicate with non-MS MySQL, ADO library needs to combine with ODBC to talk to a non-MS (Microsoft) db. It means that is has really slowed down the communication process. In order to get direct communication with MySQL db using VB without ADO and ODBC, use Robert Rowe's VBMySQLDirect.dll. VBMySQLDirect is a high level API (Application Programmer's Interface) for communicating with MySQL servers. It is intended to directly replace usage of ADO with the MySQL ODBC driver. It is simpler to use, has many MySQL specific features and is a great deal faster.Visit their site at:

    sorry guys (admin) if I posted some link. Just want to help.

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