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    Unanswered: Time Zone Setting for each schemas.

    Dear All,

    I have created a database having 10 different schemas. Each schema will be accessed to different clients and each clients sits in different countries.
    I want to set the timezone for each schema, so that whenever any client access database, i would like to capture date & time detail of their respective country.

    Thanks in advance
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    I don't think you can do it. Oracle obtains timezone information from the OS, and this setting affects the entire instance. It's the application accessing the database that needs to do the conversion.

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    You should be able to accomplish what you desire, if you control the application.
    The application could have added to it a lookup table which contains the location for each client/schema.
    A logon trigger could obtain the approrpiate timezone offset to be used as desired.
    It appears it could be done, but would take some custom programming to accomplish it.
    I doubt the cost vs. benefit ratio would justify changing the s/w to do this.

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