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    Angry Unanswered: Problem with SRW.RUN_REPORT background=yes

    We have a problem with SRW.RUN_REPORT using the option background=yes. Instead of the reports queueing on one background engine, multiple background engines are started.

    Has anyone seen this problem with reports 6i (Reports runtime

    Using oracle_shutdown=yes is not an option as it closes all background engines and halts those still working.

    Would be greatful if anyone could suggest what is going wrong or a possible work around. Below is the code we use.


    SRW.RUN_REPORT('L:\udl\admin\reports\csa_test_comm encement.rep ' ||
    'batch=no background=yes destype=printer desname=\\lims\udl_hplj8100 printjob=no paramform=no P_CASE_NUMBER=' || :case_number);
    SRW.RUN_REPORT('L:\udl\admin\reports\csa_test_comm encement.rep ' ||
    'batch=no 'background=yes destype=printer desname=\\lims\udl_hplj8100 printjob=no paramform=no P_CASE_NUMBER=' || :case_number);


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    You might want to take this to the OTN developer forum. They are a lot more specilized. If you have never used the OTN forums before, you will be asked to register for a free account once. The link is below.
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