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    Unanswered: Two Pivot Tables on one form

    I am trying to create a two week work schedule using a pivote table. I am printing it on 11 by 17 paper so I have plenty of space on the page to do what I need. However I can not figure out how to get the second week to fall under the first week. For example

    Employee_Name 08/01/04 08/02/04 08/03/04 08/04/04 08/05/04
    Sam Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 5 Seq 8 Seq 12
    Joe Seq 3 Seq 4 Seq 6 Seq 7 Seq 9

    Employee_Name 08/08/04 08/09/04 08/10/04 08/11/04 08/12/04
    Sam Seq 1 Seq 2 Seq 5 Seq 8 Seq 12
    Joe Seq 3 Seq 4 Seq 6 Seq 7 Seq 9

    I can't use the same pivot table to display both weeks because it makes the table run off the page when I go to print. I have tried using subforms but the forms seems to ignore anything that I place under the first pivot table. I also tried using design view and adding the second pivot table manually but again it ignored everything under the first pivot table. . Is it possibel to add a second pivot table to a form?

    I have attached a copy of the sample DB. Open it, go to the main menu form click print schedule. You will see two sets of date boxes. The second set does not do anything yet because that is what I am having trouble with. Put 08/25/2004 in the first start date box and 08/29/2004 in the stop date box and click show schedule

    I would also like to know if it is possible to get rid of the grand total columns?
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