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    Unanswered: Which option looks best

    I need to make a DB that stores what connected to every port on each switch/hub we have here (good times...)

    Which would be the better way to go with access.
    1) Store everything in one table by device (PC, Switch, Port, MAC, etc)
    2) Create a table for each switch/hub and give them the number of fields that the switch/hub has.

    The creation of #1 is making my skin crawl, 2 seems easier to create/manage but 150 tables would be crazy right

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    The 'proper' way would probably be a combination of both. You would have a Switch/Hub table that had information about each switch. Ex. SwitchID, Location, Ports, Model, Make etc. And then you would have a Ports table that had a link back to the Switch/Hub ID. In this table you would have SwitchID, Port#, DeviceID. And then you would have a Device table with DeviceID, DeviceTypeID, DeviceName, Etc. And Finally you might have a DeviceTypeID for all the types of devices you have.

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