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    Unanswered: Storing a field value in a table

    I have a table that gets generated from a query. The query always generates one record in the table. How can I save one of the field values of the table to memory?

    For example, the table contains a "Name" field, an "Address" field, and a "Telephone" field. Only one record is in the table. The value in the "Name" field is "Bob". I would like to store the text string "Bob" to memory. How can I do this?

    Please help. Thanks.

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    Hi Wild,

    what do you mean with "memory"? A vba-variable (string)?
    if it so, you can create a recordset, dim rst as recordset/adodb recordset...
    set recordset...

    After opening the recordset, you can assign the selected value with the fields(index-value)-function.


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