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    Question Unanswered: Generating DTS flat file connection

    I'm trying to generate a DTS Package with VB.Net using the Microsoft DTSPackage Object Library and
    and the Microsoft DTSDataPump Scripting Object Library
    I have to load csv files into SQL tables.
    I could generate both a SQL connection and a FlatFile connection and the transformationtask.

    When I look at the transformationtask and click on the transformation tab I get this error

    "Incomple file format information"

    The problem is I don't find where I could set the FlatFile connection properties like "Text Qualifier" and
    "row delimiter"

    I tried this but it still shows CRLF as row delimiter when I look at the generated DTS Package

    Dim oConnection As DTS.Connection2
    Dim package As DTS.Package2
    Dim filename As String
    filename = "myfilename.csv"

    oConnection = package.Connections.New("DTSFlatFile")
    oConnection.Name = filename
    oConnection.ConnectionProperties.Item("Row Delimiter").Value = vbTab

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    Why not just bcp the file out using a stored porcedure?

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