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    Unanswered: Form input to filemaker

    Hello. I have a problem that I need to find a solution for.
    The scenario is to have users go to a web page, fill out a few form fields, and have that information sent to a filemaker db when they click submit.
    Now, I know this can be done easily, but I have a few snags I need to figure out.

    First, I am using filemaker pro 6. I understand that you can only do the above scenario when filemaker is open, and the database is running as well.
    This presents a problem, because the computer that hosts my website is not controlled by me. Therefore, it would be hard for me to say to them "please install filemaker on the server that hosts my site and always have xyz database open and running so people can input their info when they visit this certain page."

    I guess I could ask that, but have no idea what they would say, so before I go that route, what is ANOTHER way to work around the always have filemaker open and running??
    Can I somehow have the user's info go to access, then create a program to automatically update the filemaker database??

    Or do I have to upgrade to filemaker 7 server to do what I need to do?
    I have no idea how to go about handling this situation. Any help would be appreciated!

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    There are several options. The 'usual' answer would be that you should have your web site hosted by one of the may ISPs who provide FileMaker support. There are plenty of them and you'll find them listed on sites such as:

    However if you find that your ISP is not willing to provide FileMaker support and/or you are not keen to change providers at this point, there are some ither options to consider.

    One would be to set up the form page on your site to use the cgi to send the form contents to a pre-determined email address, Then configure a cioy of FileMaker with a suitable email plug-in (eg POP3It from CNS) to receive the emails then automatically parse out eh content as appropriate. Tou then have responsibility for ensuring that you have FileMaker runnin and connected so that it can retrieve emails and respond within an acceptable time frame.
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    Hi, spurs! Ray's a pro and I think either the FM web host or plug-in idea is best, but if you're still fishing for more...

    (a) you could use whatever db your ISP has and then just download the data and re-import it to FM manually or quasi-automated w/scripts

    (b) FM6 web serving requires FM-Unlimited or you have IP restrictions; if you have FMU or the limits will not be a problem, you can host the db portion yourself if you have a broadband connection at home/office. If you don't have a static IP, you'd have to Mickey Mouse something that could involve router configuration or using a dynamic IP address web publishing service where your comptuer tells the service what IP it has at the moment and all traffic is directed there -- if the IP changes, the service updates the IP that traffic should go to

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    Unhappy How do you do the first part of your scenerio?

    I'm trying to do the first part of your scenerio. I want to "have users go to a web page, fill out a few form fields, and have that information sent to a filemaker db when they click submit."

    I have Filemaker always running on my own server, so that's not a problem.

    My problem is getting the HTML form on the web page, to send the data into the filemaker pro DB, when the submit button is clicked.

    Any help on how to do this would be great. Thanks!


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