In Crystal Report Designer :
Database > Database Expert > Data > Available Data Sources > Create New Connection > Oracle Server > Add Commmand > SQL query with Parameters Created

For instance if the Parameter is created with name PARAMFIELD in the 'Add Command Dialog', the same is visible in 'Parameter Fields' list in 'Field Explorer'

The Parameter Fields was refreshed and the Report was saved.

In JSP :
The Reports was open with RAS SDK using the Report Client Document with a RAS Session.
The Datasource was set for the Client Document using its Database Controller. The parameter fields were iterated to get all the parameter field names.

Fields pFields = clientDoc.getDataDefinition().getParameterFields() ;
Iterator pfIterator = pFields.iterator();

All the Parameter fields were listed except the parameter created at the 'Add Command Dialog', ie., PARAMFIELD was not in the list.

We would like to have a runtime query by controlling through parameters. Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated.