I have a winodws 2000 server sp4 machine thats setup to test sms server 2003. As its the test machine it is the distribution point, management point etc. I also have SQL server 2000 Enterprise Edition running on it. The machine is the site database.
It was all working fine but all of a sudden i am unable to connect to the site server from the admin console. Microsoft says to look for a couple of accounts in SQL Security Manager (support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;231883). Thing is i can't seem to find this. Where do i find this?

If anyone also knows anything about SMS 2003 i wouldn't mid a bit of help on that. It seemed to work fine but all of a sudden i cannot connect anymore. I know this isnt the right forum for this but any help will do. There are a few entries in the log files:

smsprov says:

E:\TOPAZ\SDK_Provider\nt\SMSProv\SspObjectQuery.cp p(5265) : SQL Connection attempt timed out
SQL Error: [28000][18452][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'boden.co.uk\smsservice'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

whereas in adminui says:

[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:42:04]:Info(ConnectServer): Connecting to server. Network : \\BODENSMS\root\sms\site_BDN
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:42:45]:Wbem call failed: T_WbemSyncEnumToContainer_Core, return code: -2147217389
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:43:25]:Wbem call failed: T_WbemSyncEnumToContainer_Core, return code: -2147217389
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:43:25]:Query select SiteCode, SiteName, ServerName, BuildNumber from SMS_Site where ReportingSiteCode="" fails or returns empty resultset. Query select * from SMS_Identification also fails or returns empty resultset
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:44:25]:Error: Possible UI connection error code is -2147217389[0x80041013]
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:44:25]:Info(AddToConnectionsMap): Checking uiconnections.ini value of -2147217394 [0x8004100e] ....(has the same lines here repeated but with differnt code values)...
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:44:25]:Failed to execute method GetProviderVersion!
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:44:25]:Function GetProviderVersion returns empty string of ProviderVersion.
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:45:05]:Wbem call failed: T_WbemSyncEnumToContainer_Core, return code: -2147217389
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:45:05]:We fail to get the ProviderVersion.
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:45:05]iteCode - SiteServerName , Provider Version :
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:45:05]iteBuildNumber is 1239
[AD0][Thu 09/30/2004 10:45:05]:Failed to set the connection. error code: -2147217389.

Sorry for this being a bit long winded but any help will be greatly appreciated.