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    Unanswered: Need Help With Parameters With Record Selection

    Hi There I Hope Someone Can Help

    I Have Built A Report On My Companys Mobile Phone And I Want To Be Able To Search For Mobile Numbers Or By Cost Centre ( Cost Centre = Departments With In The Company ) I have Place My 2 Parameter Fields On My Report But I Only Want To Search By One Of These Option At One Time
    But Have The Option Of Both Depending On What Information I Need.

    The Problem I Have At The Moment Is If I Search By Mobile Number The Report Comes Back Blank Untill I Remove The Cost Center Parameter Field And Vice Vercer, Is There Any Way Of Having Both Parameter Fields On My Report But When You Type A Request In One Of The Parameter Fields It Does Not Use The Other

    Hope This Makes Sense And Some One Can Help Me

    Kind Regards

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    Optional Parameters

    You can do this by editing your record selection and entering in a default parameter of ALL. First off, for each of your parameters create a default value of ALL and make that one the top (first) parameter in the list.

    Next, on the menu bar go to Report, Edit Selection Formula, Record; and enter/change the code to something along these lines.

    (if {?YourCostCentreParameterFieldName} = 'ALL'
    then {YourDataSourceName;YourCostCentreFieldName} like '*'
    else {YourDataSourceName;YourCostCentreFieldName} = {?YourCostCentreParameterFieldName})


    (if {?YourMobileNumberParameterFieldName} = 'ALL'
    then {YourDataSourceName;YourMobileNumberFieldName} like '*'
    else {YourDataSourceName} = {?YourMobileNumberParameterFieldName})

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    randycarpet Cheers For The Advice it worked like a treat with one or two alteration Cheers again for put me on the right track



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