I'm reading OCI Programmer's Guide over and over and can't figure out how to sucessfuly use OCIBind/DefineArrayOfStruct.
* I need to pass C-array (not SQL, PL/SQL, just
char StringArr[nItems][itemLen]) to OCI.

* After executing sql select-query I need to know how long in StringArr fetched data elements (strings) are, that is, i.e. StringArr[0] was filled with 5-bytes long text string - so I define another C-array
int StringLen[nItems]

* Then I'm suposed to call

OCIDefineByPos( pStmt, &pBind, pErr, 1, StringArr, itemLen, SQLT_STR, NULL, StringLen, NULL, OCI_DEFAULT );

OCIDefineArrayOfStruct( pBind, pErr, itemLen, NULL, sizeof(StringLen[0]), NULL );